Rowlf the (Code) Dog (code_dog) wrote in invitecodes,
Rowlf the (Code) Dog

The 25 codes of Christmas, Day 1

In honor of my being new here, and also in honor of the holiday season, I have decided to give away ONE LJ code EACH DAY from now through Christmas.

EDIT: This code has been claimed. I'll post about a new one soon!

Today, what I'd like in return for a code is a Rowlf the Dog Christmas icon-- preferably Rowlf with a Santa hat. (Please don't send me a photo of the Rowlf Christmas ornament where he's wearing a wreath.)

Other rules:
  • Please use grammatically correct English in your comment. I'll forgive you for mistakes if English is not your native language, but I don't want to plow through any 1337-speak, weird mixed case, or all lower-case stuff.

  • Please include an email address, and I'll arrange the code and icon exchange with you. If posting your address bothers you, delete the comment after you post it and I'll should still get a copy.

  • Please be patient. I am often away from my desk for several hours at a time. I will get to respondents as soon as I see their comments.

IF I SAY THAT TODAY'S CODE IS GONE, please don't keep asking me for one; wait until I post again tomorrow. I will begin afresh each day, so I won't be saving requests from previous days.

Thank you,
Rowlf the (Code) Dog
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