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Rowlf the (Code) Dog

The 25 codes of Christmas, Day... 2 (late)

Okay, I didn't realize (although I should have) that this community is moderated, and that it may take a little time for a post to appear. Thanks to the community moderator for putting this community together and keeping it on track.

As of when I am writing this, it is Friday, December 5th... and since I am serious about giving away 25 codes in December, I am now behind by four codes. So I will be giving away four codes with this post.

Edit as of Saturday, 12 am PST: No more codes on this one! One is on hold for someone to follow through the rest of the way on my holiday song request. If that person doesn't come through I'll add that code to the next giveaway. Thanks to all who sent me the great holiday song links!

Today, I would like something else to keep me in the hoiliday spirit. I love Christmas carols, especially unusual ones that aren't in English. So I would love to have links to sites with Christmas songs I haven't heard before.

I don't want to go to a site where I would download the actual song files; what I want is links to sites where the lyrics are displayed, especially if there is also an option to listen to the song in Qucktime or RealPlayer format (some kind of streaming version). If there is also an English translation (assuming the song wasn't in English to begin with) that's even better.

Same rules as last time: no 1337-speak or weird mixed case, include your email address so I can get back to you, anonymous replies from people who don't already have journals are welcome.

The Code Dog will be out for most of the day, so please be patient; I will respond as soon as I see replies. Thanks.
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