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The 25 codes of Christmas, Codes 6-12

Edit: All seven codes offered with this post have been claimed! Watch for another post from me next week.

To make things easier on the moderator, and also on myself, I'm going to continue to give out codes in bunches... so expect me to post once each week between now and Christmas. I will give out at least 20 more codes this month, a few at a time.

Please read through this entire post carefully if you want a code. Seven codes will be given out with this post. To get a code from me:

  • Comment on this entry. Include an email address with the comment so I can reach you.

  • Use standard English to the best of your ability when you write to me.

  • Be patient. I don't sit in front of my computer all day. It may take me several hours to see your comment. I will reply as soon as I can.

  • Do what I ask for, below. It should only take a few minutes of your time... and if a code isn't worth a few minutes of your time, you don't want one badly enough.

What I want:

Since we're on this holiday carol thing (well, I was, anyway) it got me thinking about that most parodied of Holiday songs, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

To get a code, send me a link (one is enough) to any web page with parody lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas. You know, like the Doug and Bob McKenzie version: "And a beer... i-in a tree..."

Edit: Don't send me anymore links to I can't stand the horrible pop-ups on that site.

Alternately, you can type up the lyrics to a parody version you know and post them in your comment. (Since I don't want to get anyone in trouble with an LJ TOS violation, if the parody lyrics are, shall we say, not entirely clean, say so in your comment, give me your email address, and I'll contact you and tell you how to send the lyrics to me.) Start with day 12 and go through to Day 1, so you only have to type each line once.

Two codes will go to the first person who writes me an original parody of The Twelve Days of Christmas using an LJ theme. (It could start, "Oh, my first post in LJ, it.." Or it could start differently than that.)

Okay? Go!
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