Do you regret all your loneliness? (youknowhow_i_do) wrote in invitecodes,
Do you regret all your loneliness?

Contest thing's what's up.
I want layouts.
Here's the reward(s)
I will give 1 LJ (name of your choice)
1DJ (drummer4life)
1 NP (name of your choice)
1 UJ code (name of your choice)
maybe 1 UJ(wreckme_rapemeX)
maybe this LJ (youknowhow_i_do)
maybe 1 other DJ (not yet determined..hold your horses)
and I'm not sure but I might soon have some Scene Journal codes..
The Catch
You have to make me a layout that I WANT, without any strict guidelines.
I'll give you some hints...
text right, punk artist pics(blurty~wrappednplastic for ideas), journal like blurty~mestfcker.
So basically, there's 4 things to give for sure...the name of your choice may be just a straight code, depending on how much i like the layout, blinkies and banners are pluses too..
so with those said, my email is this contest is fun or something, thanks.
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check out mine, its pretty sweet. text right and brand new pic.
well I like yours, though I don't want something as simple....but it's a great start..
i can make you a layout, i have some already made. IM me ( a vanity sellout)
i did mine, check it out.


October 16 2003, 08:39:45 UTC 14 years ago

i can do layouts. and i would like the livejournal wihout the name if you could :-D

hanks <3 tina

p.s.- here's some of my work:
I can do you a layout, would like a better idea as to colours, etc.

E-mail information is on my contact info. Some of my work can be seen at as small examples by clicking on 'artwork' and then looking at 'webdesign'. The later ones are the newer ones. Some of the newest ones aren't up and I can e-mail you larger copies of some of them.

For this layout you will get all of the graphics AND the photoshop copy for your own use (normally I don't sell this to customers) and I will html and css you whatever you want in there.

I've also e-mailed this to you.


November 6 2003, 02:48:18 UTC 14 years ago

ok i really need a livejournal code. iv been trying to get one non stop. i reall really need one so p-l-e-a-s-e help me
just look at my layout i will make you one you will like, besides i need the code for my friend
just email me

and if anyone else wants me to just email me too