Do you regret all your loneliness? (youknowhow_i_do) wrote in invitecodes,
Do you regret all your loneliness?

Contest thing's what's up.
I want layouts.
Here's the reward(s)
I will give 1 LJ (name of your choice)
1DJ (drummer4life)
1 NP (name of your choice)
1 UJ code (name of your choice)
maybe 1 UJ(wreckme_rapemeX)
maybe this LJ (youknowhow_i_do)
maybe 1 other DJ (not yet determined..hold your horses)
and I'm not sure but I might soon have some Scene Journal codes..
The Catch
You have to make me a layout that I WANT, without any strict guidelines.
I'll give you some hints...
text right, punk artist pics(blurty~wrappednplastic for ideas), journal like blurty~mestfcker.
So basically, there's 4 things to give for sure...the name of your choice may be just a straight code, depending on how much i like the layout, blinkies and banners are pluses too..
so with those said, my email is this contest is fun or something, thanks.
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