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it's ba-ack.

Yup, it's that time again... that time where I give away codes to people with good timing.
use the current code... assuming no one beat you to it. Don't forget that the LJ entry editing feature is a useful tool, so what was behind that link five minutes ago might not be the same thing that's there now!
The only rule of this contest is that if anyone leaves a comment telling me about the current code being used, their dwindling patience, their lack of luck in code-nabbing, etc., this contest will be over. And unless I've clearly stated otherwise, this giveaway is still going! So behave and don't ruin the codefest for everyone! (And if you don't believe I'm really such a hardass as to end it because of just one person behaving like a jerk, look here.)
Best of luck to the code-seekers!
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Yay! I love this competition.

And thanks, dreaming tree, for doing it.
Good luck everyone!! this contest is so fun.

-will be out of town all next week so is out of luck but I already have an LJ so who cares :D-
mine? i'm so confused. but i want a code so alrighty.
what a nifty idea! YAY for nifty innovative people.
is this drawing still going on? cause i would love a new journal code! thanks!
Try it out! If the invite code in the entry works, you have a new journal. If not, wait a while and try again occasionally.

Last time dreaming tree did this, they changed the link to "sorry-no-more-codes" when the contest was over because someone didn't read all of the rules.

So as long as the code is a code (even if it's used already), I'd say the contest is still on.
ok thanks and keep me posted if you find a new code!
It's been a while since you posted this so I was just wondering if you were still doing this? It's a great idea by the way :)
I Got One! Thank U!