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invitecodes's Journal

isn't this great?
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
this is a community for people who want to give livejournal invite codes.
How It Works
  1. People who want to give codes should post.
  2. People who want to get an invite code should comment.

Special Note About Posting
All top-level posts should offer at least one livejournal invite code and be accompanied by a muppet icon.1 This quiz might be helpful in selecting an appropriate userpic.

[1] If you simply cannot dedicate even one of your userpic slots to participate in the community, exceptions might be made for posts with no default picture that include a muppet image.
anonymous replies with addresses, appropriate icons, communities, exploding laptops, fraggle rock, fraggles, free codes, giving away invite codes, grammar, muppets, not bothering brad, not bothering evan, proper nouns, questions, rock, short stories, spelling, turf grass